Will I buy a land ?

Last week, my father said that his relative want to sell his possession of the land for sale. The size of the land is about 1 1/2 acre and the price is RM20,000.00. The offered price is worth it because it is near the main road. Maybe it is a slightly to the inside and there’s only a red rock road but it is just 100 metres from the main road. And I believe in the future the place could be developed especially after other’s landlond make development.
But I’ve still have a problem. My fund is not enough. Before this my fund is enough but after my car broken, the fund is decreased. To make it worst, the fund is reserve for wedding purpose in the future (even though I’ve don’t have any girlfriend yet..). So, how I want to buy the land? This is some of solution that I could make :-

1. Make a personal loan. It is not good idea but it is one way to buy the land. I’m still consider about this method. Maybe I’ll use fund to buy land and make a personal loan if I’m marriage this year.
2. Loan with my fathers. My fathers said that he could paid half of the price but I need to repay the price I’ve borrow. I think this method is good and reliable.
3. Work hard and earn money from blog, outside income. It is quite impossible because the RM20,000 not a small amount but I’ve need to try this method. If you want to help me, just follow and share my blog. It could help a lot. Maybe you won’t spending any money at this blog but it could increase traffic and my opportunity to make money via blog.
4. Sacrifice in my budget. I need to save more than current saving. Maybe if current saving is RM300, next month I must double of the money. It ain’t easy because I need to cut many expenses.

Will I buy that land? In my mind I want to buy it but there’s a confusion. Hope I could buy it because it is inheritance land and it is a loss if I’m not buy that land. Pray for me that I could buy it.
How about you? Do you own a land and how you buy it?

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