Woman charged with biggest tax frauds ever

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An Oregon woman is being caught because of largest cases of tax fraud in Oregon. Krystle Marie Reyes allegedly weaseled more than $2 million form the state by filing a false return using automated TurboTax software. Reyes, 25 get $3 million in wages and claimed $2.1 million in refund through TurboTax’s system and get approval by state. Reyes get caugh after she reported another debit card as lost or stolen to the issuer, which apparently saw enough red flags to get the state’s revenue service on the case.
She has spen about $150,000 over twon month period when she was taken into custody on June 6. She bought $2,000 DOdge Caraven and $800 more in tires and wheels. The case make the debate whether the IRS should issue refunds via debit cars or not. Reyes safe about two months before authorities found her after she report the card stolen. The IRS counterd more than 900,000 fraudulent tax returns in 2011 that cost $6.5 billion.

Source :- Finance Yahoo
Wow, how can it happened. Maybe the technology can cause more problem for this tax methodology.

There are thousands of people all around the world facing tax problems every day. Overdue taxes
GST has become popular issue nowaday. Public has spoken and many of them disagree about

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