Working From Home for Younger Folks

In modern era, there’s many opportunity for young people to work from home. Working from home, telecommuting, remote working as the concept is not new nor novel.
Working from home has many advantage apart from keep away from traffic jam and contrary to initial impressions, it can actually raise productivity.

Work From Home

With today’s advancement in communication, it seems so much easier – not to mention exciting – to work outside an office especially since we have the liberty to choose where we would like to set up camp, what we wear and how loud we blast the music.
But, working from home isn’t easy. You need to consider this before jumping to it :-

The key to success is time management and goals. It is much need if to work from home. Without great discipline and clear targets to achieve, it is easy to get distracted working at home.
Some people get in expecting too soon and quits earlier than it should and getting fail…

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Fix Culture and Ground Rules
Working from home need to adjust culture and rules. Some company need to meet their employee at schedule and some not. We need to follow their guidelines.

Working from home means more freedom but you need to decide between work and social time. You will miss out on a lot of essential human connection that is easily available in the office environment.
Bonding is also important for mentorship and being able to leverage on your colleagues knowledges and experiences.

Although it allows flexibility, working from home does not mean you simply break out of the usual office hours. We need to follow nine-to-five as a rule of thumb to get things done and no more work after that.

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