Would be sell your family for $150?

Would be sell your family for $150?

That is exactly what one former member of our family did; here is a brief description of the story.

One nephew loaned his cousin $150 on December because he wanted to spend money on his quad bike. Then by February when the other cousin prompted him to pay it back he (the lender) drove him into town and because it was raining and the borrower did not want to get wet so he handed over his bankcard to his cousin +(plus) his pin number and permission to withdraw the $150 from an ATM machine which he did.

That should have been the end of the matter, but two months later, an allegation cropped up that the borrower accused his cousin of stealing the money. He claimed his cousin snatched his bankcard off him and that because he leaned over to watch him withdraw money on previous visits to the ATM, knew his pin number.

The cousin’s step father bought into the yarn and contacted the police who viewed CCTV footage and did see the other cousin (the lender) withdraw money from the ATM as he I might add, admitted to but it is the other bits of important information which was missing which are key to this case and they are that there is no footage of the lender of the money looking over the shoulder of his cousin during previous ATM visits.

What should have been the most important evidence is whether the cousin actually changed his pin number which any sensible lad would have done if they knew someone had memorised their pin. I think it is a fair assumption that almost everyone who was robbed at the ATM would at least tell someone at the time it happened and not two months later, during which time both cousins were on good terms with one another and texting one another which leads me to an obvious question, “If someone had done to you what you had alleged, would you be on good terms with them?

What had changed is that the cousin had fallen out with his auntie, the mother of the cousin who had borrowed the money and it appears that one of her friends used his influence on the young cousin to encourage the borrower to make the allegation to get revenge on her nephew.

The cousin (the lender) had his day in court and had to repay the $150 back to his cousin. He also had to write an apology letter to his cousin for taking the money. He may be $150 out of pocket but he still has his family which is more than can be said for the cousin who borrowed the money because he has been cut out of their lives which really at the end of the day means that he has sold his family and any rights to any inheritance he may have had for a mere $150. I recall a chap named Judas doing exactly the same thing.
It reminds me a a situation years ago when I was over in England when I introduced two of my penfriends to one another but after about 8 months, one of then accused the other of causing a small tear in a mattress during a sleepover and demanded she pay 60 pounds for the damage. They went their separate ways after that but my thoughts on the matter was that I would have turned a blind eye to it. Certainly most people who valued the friendship with the other person who have done so.

In a nutshell, one friend thought that her friendship with the other was worth 60 pounds but personally, I doubt very much whether the allegation was true anyway from my own personal experience with her because she fell out with me under circumstances which had striking similarities.
The lesson from all of this; some people always seem to have some type of drama in their lives. The next person who enters their life unwittingly takes on a starring role in their sad drama filled life and when the relationship breaks down, the drama king or queen will always blame others. It never occurs to them that all of their unhappy relationships had a common factor involved.

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