Performance for April 2014

Hello all readers.. I’ve never wrote about performance especially on traffic but today in this article I just want to share some achievement of
If you read this article, I think you must be one of loyal reader as mostly of visitor coming from search engine and I don’t think this article really could catchup attention of search engine. But if you find this from search engine so it is good and I’ve recommend to follow and support this blog.

As the Mei coming in, all of yearly planning must be achieved at least 40%. Do you achieved the target? For me, honestly I’m not achieved the target. Maybe it is a bit negative but I need to share with you as an admin of this blog. Why ? Because it could wake me up from sleeping or the suitable word is ‘laziness’. It is a reason that could help me motivate and maybe could get help from you, my beloved reader.
Back to the performance for April 2014. Is it really bad? Maybe for me, it is failed as there’s some achievement I could not target.

First, look at the below graph of from google analytics

The daily traffic of is above 50 visitor. Only 2 days it has reached above 50 page. The unique view is only 842 which is not enough from my target , 1,000 unique view per month. While pageview is 1,311 but I’ve target at least 1,5000 per month.
Other’s analytics is about average session duration that only 58 second. It showed that most of visitor only reading a post and exit in short time. It effect bounce rate as it is 83.93%. It is still too far from my target which want to lower the bounce rate until 50%.


Maybe some of you confuse, why it is important about this traffic and the number? As a blogger, I need a good performance to get income especially to paid for hosting and domain cost. Otherwise, this blog could end soon and I can’t afford to spend for this informative blog. If you have any idea to help to grow, let’s share with me. Maybe one day could become one of the best finance blog in the cyber world.

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