Places not to used Debit Card


Most of us have either debit card or credit card for our financial life.  It looks same but there are different between them. There are many advantages and disadvantage using one of the cards. There are some revolutions to use debit card rather than used credit card. Debit card look better because you don’t need […]

Eco-Friendly Habits and save money


Nowaday, our world has problem as there’s many polution. Recycling or turning off the lights when leave a room is one way to make eco-friendly as your daily routine. Other than that, you can do other’s method to be eco-friendly and save money at the same time. Eat at home. When you eat at home […]

Is it really a gift from bank ?


I just receieved a letter from one of my saving account bank. It write like this : A Gift for you There is no doubt we value your longstanding support as our customer! That is why we are offering you a special gift of a Maybank Credit Card which is immediately available to you at […]