Friday Finance Quote Part 17

Back again with Friday Finance quote at yourfinancialblog. The part 17 for this title and hopefully there’s more quote to come. For this part, I’ll share another awesome finance quote for you

1. ” I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful ”
Warren Buffet
// A great statement from investment expert. He know when to act… So, let’s follow his guide.

2. “Invest in yourself.Your career is the engine of your wealth”
Paul Clitheroe
// To success we need to starts from a good career that could use our talent and skills. Invest and upgrading our skill to enhance it. We will find wealth after that.

3. “Only those who are asleep make no mistakes”
Ingvar Kamprad
// Okay. this quote more on motivation. It is true.. Another people is those die people. The statement from IKEA founder is really good to motivate ourselves

4. “Our income are like our shoes; if too small, they gall and pinch us; but if too large, they cause us to stumble and to trip
John Locke
// Yes.. not too small and not too big.. It cause problem if we are in that situation.

5. People used to ask me for advice, and I’d say, ‘Please, don’t ask me!’ Yes, I did economics at Oxford, but that’s not the same as having a broad knowledge of personal finance.”
Sophie Kinsella
// Yup.. Finance can’t learn from university.. It need to get from life experience..

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Back again on the topic friday finance quote. It is good to write about quote

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